Bill Frist, you are Put On Notice!

In one of the sleaziest, most underhanded, Congressional manoeuvers since the Foley-pageboy reacharound, Bill Frist attached an Internet poker ban to the port security bill.

This arrogant, petty tyrant just single-handedly put an end to the hobby of millions.

Bill Frist has sucked for some time. First it was his shady stock trading. More recently it was his surrender-monkey attitude toward the Taliban. So this last move is no surprise.

Question: Why would Frist be so myopically obsessed with a little issue like online poker that he would go to underhanded, weaselly tactics like attaching it at the last minute to a serious security bill?

Possible answers:
1) Social conservatives want it.
2) He’s getting huge contributions from Vegas / Atlantic City / Indian gambling interests who want to eliminate their competion.

I'd say #2 is a hell of a lot more likely, as I've never heard social conservatives pushing this as one of their top issues.

Online poker is a personal interest of mine. Sure, Congress’s ban of online poker is not as terrible as the McCain-Feingold Free Speech Ban or the appalling record of earmarks, pork, and runaway spending.

All in all, it’s just another brick in the wall. If the Republicans are going to be the second big-government nanny state party, I’m not going to support them.

And Bill Frist has joined John McCain as one Republican I will never support for anything under any circumstances.

Bill Frist, you are Put On Notice!

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