Tales of poker and degradation

Zeke and I had a great weekend up in Tahoe and Reno. We started in Tahoe, playing 2-3 No Limit Hold 'Em. The friendly crowd was a few tourists and a lot of retired locals. A few of the locals were cranky old bastards, and Zeke took great pleasure in taking their money. He ended up taking more than $1000. I finished up about $50 after losing a $400 pot to a bad beat.

We headed down to Reno on Sunday and the cards were not friendly. Zeke gave up most of his Tahoe winnings, and I eked out just a few more dollars.

Reno has the stench of death. Maybe it was just that we were there on a slow weekend, but the casinos and hotels were empty, the streets were dust-blown, the median age was 60 and the median weight was 260. A nice old guy at the poker table asked Zeke to move to Reno " 'cause we need young people here." Another guy at the table said Zeke could get rich as a lawyer there, as there were 80 DUIs per month, and they averaged $2000 per DUI in lawyer's fees.

Tahoe next time. No Reno.

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