Good cops, bad cops

I got back from Las Vegas yesterday to discover two law enforcement items: one a letter from the City of Albuquerque, the other an email from Varones about the campus police at my alma mater.

First the good cops... As much as I dislike the Orwellian taste of rampant camera installation, I was busted running a red light, and damned if they aren't fair about it. You can go to a website and watch a video of yourself gunning it through the red ("yup, that's me"), the fine is a reasonable $100, and they don't add points to your driving record. Another satisfied customer.

And then there's the case of UCLA--employer of belligerent, filthy pigs, with whom I had my own scuffles in 1999-2000. Back then, they unleashed a barrage of rubber bullets on innocent bystanders at the end-of-exam-period "Midnight Yell" festivities/riots, and crashed into the apartment of yours truly over a wee bit of water-balloon-chuckery.

Now it seems they've turned to tazing students who forget to bring their ID cards to the library. If you can stomach a disgusting use of force, watch the video here.

One difference between human law enforcement and cameras: cameras typically aren't meathead pricks on a power trip.

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