Tools & Tactics for Speakers of English

Yesterday I drove down to the bookstore to learn something about technical analysis, and came home with "Tools and Tactics for the Master Day Trader," by Oliver Velez and Greg Capra (McGraw Hill, 2000). I should have had some idea what to expect from a day-trading book that was published at the height of the tech frenzy. So what do you get for the $55 cover price? Here are a few nuggets:
"Fan the flame of you [sic] passion until it ignites into a white-heat desire to attain that wonderful state we call trading mastery"...

"That is actually a reverse cop-out behind which a tremendous lack of talent has historically hid from critical eyes"...

"...trying to correct it any other way...could result in exasperating the loss."
This is leaving aside the cut & paste repetition of various sentences throughout the book, graphs that contradict the accompanying prose, and a barrage of motivational/profound quotes in sections titled, "Seeds of Wisdom."

Now I understand why women like to save receipts and return things.

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