Your Party of the People at work

California's petty tyrant legislators don't like the term limits imposed on them by a majority of voters in 1990. They already have gerrymandered districts making it impossible to lose re-election, so the only thing standing between them and an unaccountable, lifetime office is term limits. So they've deceptively put a watering-down of the limits on the next ballot.

Can't fool the people? Career politicians have a back-up plan: get the California Supreme Court to throw out the people's will.

The sleazy peerage-for-lifers behind this plan, Ron Calderon and Fabian Nunez, can be reached at (916) 651-4030 and (916) 319-2046. Publicly or privately, the other Democrats in the legislature support this as well, so feel free to look up a few more of them and give them an earful.

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