Thanks, but no thanks

DollarBull CDs from EverBank:
Returns based on potential appreciation in the U.S. dollar against a selected foreign currency. However, if the selected foreign currency keeps the same position or appreciates versus the U.S. dollar, you will experience a loss of principal.

I'm a big fan of EverBank. I've had an Aussie Dollar CD with them for years. But this one, betting on dollar strength, is crazy. If you work, save, or invest in the U.S., you are already massively exposed to the dollar. If you want to travel to Europe, Australia, or even Canada, you are screwed. Things cost double what they did just a few years ago. If you commute 60 miles each way from your depreciating sub-suburban house, you are screwed. The declining dollar has doubled your gasoline costs. If you eat food... yeah, you know where I'm going with this.

You want to compound that dollar exposure? We have massive deficit spending from President Bush and a Democratic Congress. That's not going to change no matter who the next President is. We have Helicopter Ben setting negative real interest rates and setting the precedent that the Fed will bail out every large institution that has liquidity/solvency troubles. How is the Fed going to pay for that? By printing money, of course.

By all means, check out the foreign currency CDs at EverBank. But stay away from the DollarBull.

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