#FalseFlag - Police arrest halfwit child molester as domestic terrorist

... egged on for months in his "plot" to kidnap and kill police officers by undercover police officers, naturally.
Undercover Metro officers infiltrated the group [Group? What group? It's one middle-aged child molester and a crazy old lady] and met with the suspects about 30 times since April, in the process learning of their detailed plans to "snatch and grab" random police officers, try them for treason in a “sovereign” court and execute them, according to arrest reports released Thursday. The undercover officers had posed as people interested in joining the Sovereign Citizens movement.

Police said Brutsche was a six-time convicted felon and registered sex offender for offenses involving a child in California.

Let's review what actually happened here. Las Vegas police stopped this guy several times for traffic violations, during which he ranted his crazy "sovereign citizen" theories about "your laws don't apply to me." The police then decided to send undercover officers to hang out with this guy and pretend to be kindred crazy spirits until they could catch him doing something illegal. It took months of hanging out with an angry desert loner to goad him into saying he wanted to kill cops.

And they certainly caught a couple of masterminds here:
Newman, 67, of Las Vegas was a bit nervous, according to a police report. She asked at one meeting to unplug the television because she thought authorities could use it to listen to their conversations.

That story made headlines on a national news radio program today as a serious "domestic terrorism" story.

Recall last year's Police give Molotov cocktails to dumb young Occupiers, then arrest them for domestic terrorism.

Ever get the feeling the authorities are trying really hard to create a domestic terror threat? And this is the best they can do?

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Independent Accountant said...

Just think. The NSA has thwarted 54 terrorist plots as a result of using PRISM. If you believe that, I've got a bridge over the East River to sell you. Cheap. $10 billion.

Happy Super Tuesday!