The Guardian - Running Out of Other People's Money

I read the Guardian's soccer coverage because it is the best. ESPN used to have the best but right before the last World Cup they changed the format of their website to target 3rd graders and I don't read their website anymore. I want to READ articles not experience a multimedia extravaganza that requires that I scroll after reading every 3 lines. So I read the Guardian. Unfortunately they post popular links on the right of their soccer articles and I made the huge mistake of clicking on this piece of blatant racism.

Of course we have racist idiots everywhere, I shouldn't click on the Guardians filth because why do I care. But I did decide to comment in their comments page of that article. I put this:
Hey Guardian, this is why I ignore your online requests to support journalism. This is ignorant filth and while I love your football writers, I hate ignorant garbage like this. Sickening!

My comment was removed and going forward this is what I see when I try to make a comment like I used to in the soccer sections:

I've lost the privilege of commenting without censorship. My comments now must be reviewed before it's made public. Censorship is cool, dissent bad, unless it's against white people, eh Guardian? Whatever, I still like their soccer coverage and hey it's free, I'm not paying for it. It did make me smile when I saw this plea for money today.
Good luck finding more - other people's money.

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