Democratic Liberty Caucus

There used to be a group called the "Republican Liberty Caucus," supporting libertarian policies within the Republican Party. I haven't heard anything of substance from them in years. In fact, the RLC is now led by no-name freaks, the most eminent being a goofy-looking Canadian guy with a wingnut resume. The recent actions of maniacal right-wing Republicans illustrate that libertarians no longer hold any power in the party.

Happily, I've found Democratic Freedom, a web site devoted to a sort of Democratic Liberty Caucus. I still don't think they are a significant power in the dishonest and hate-ridden party of John Kerry and Michael Moore. Seeing the Republicans move so rapidly and decisively away from libertarian principles, however, makes me want to give these guys a chance.


Mike said…
I read your post on the Daily KOS. I wanted to let you know that we're really not as bad as Rush & his ilk would lead you to believe. Most Democrats, myself included, are very concerned with civil liberties. I've never quite understood how the republican party can be considered the party of civil liberties when they are pandering so hard to the religious right. Things have gotten worse lately, but this isn't a new trend. Other then gun control the democrats are AT LEAST as good on civil liberties as the republicans (and we aren't all gun control nuts).

I do want to take you to task for your comment about the "the dishonest and hate-ridden party of John Kerry and Michael Moore", though. Democrats ARE NOT any more dishonest or hate filled then Republicans. Personally, I would argue that we are much MORE honest and we are almost certainly less hate filled. Ann Coulter's entire very successful career is based entirely on hate. And she's certainly not alone. You might not like what Moore has to say, but he's not saying that you are guilty of treason for disagreeing with him. (See this for a great commentary on Coulter vs. Moore-- also read the linked Free Republic discussion for a true glimpse of partisan hate).