If a tree falls in a forest of idiots...

Al Gore to moveon:

"The rule of law depends, in turn, upon the respect each generation of Americans has for the integrity with which our laws are written, interpreted and enforced."
Well, moveon and the Democrats sure do a lot to foster respect for the integrity of our laws when they claim every election they lose is stolen! Florida? Democrats told to vote on Wednesday. Ohio? Evil Republican voting machine company rigged the election! Bush 2000? Partisan Supreme Court.

By the way, does moveon rhyme with Foveon, the camera chip company? And if they were founded in 1998 to get Congress and the American public to "move on" from little things like perjury and obstruction of justice so that the President could get on with his important agenda, what is the meaning of "move on" now?

HT: Anklebitingpundits.

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