Draft Condi

No, not to send her to Iraq to fight in her imperalist war for oil. Not that kind of draft.

Americans for Dr. Rice is campaigning to get Condoleezza Rice to run for President. They are already putting together events and producing TV ads.

There are lots of good links and news stories, including this one that says she wants to be drafted. And there are links to several Condi for Prez web sites, including Filipinos for Condi.

She's obviously hawkish on defense, but her other positions are harder to gauge. Her personal history of high achievement suggests to me that she probably falls on the personal responsibility side of many social issues (as does her intellect -- surely someone that smart can't be a socialist!!!). On abortion, she's called herself "mildly pro-choice," putting her squarely in the mainstream of America, but damaging her chances in the Republican primary. Americans for Dr. Rice believes that in general, "a potential Rice administration would differ in detail, but not in direction, from from the Bush administration."

A more socially tolerant / moderate version of Bush? I'll take it!

UPDATE: Richard Mason of Americans for Rice clarifies Rice's abortion position in the Comments below. Bottom line: pretty mainstream thinking. Parental consent, no late term abortions, and no federal funding of abortions.

Further discussion of her positions on issues is here. She's a well-documented strong 2nd Amendment supporter. She is presumed to be a fiscal conservative, but there's little evidence so far to conclude this. A few more well-placed quotes in media interviews would shed some more light on her positions. Here is a good interview from NPR, but she doesn't pin herself down to any controversial domestic positions.

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