Trouble at the Ministry of Truth

Things are doubleplusungood at Britain's Ministry of Truth.

It's the unions vs. the voice of the proletariat a BBC strike disrupts programming.

Hundreds of BBC Wales staff are staging a 24-hour protest at plans to cut around 200 jobs at the broadcaster.They are part of a BBC-wide walk out at plans to cut 3,780 jobs and privatise parts of the corporation...

The BBC says the staff reductions are needed to improve efficiency and reflect changes in technology.

When financial reality hits socialist paradise, it's never pleasant.

Why don't they just raise the TV license fee so that they don't have to lay anyone off? After all, £126.50 per year seems like too little to charge for MiniTrue to allow Proles to have a TV in the house.

One happy side effect of the strike: on the BBC feed carried on Sydney radio, regular programming was replaced by a replay of an interview with Ian McEwan, author of Atonement. Atonement is one of the best fiction books I've ever read. Some of McEwan's other books, though, such as The Comfort of Strangers, are complete crap.

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Oscar Wildebeest said...

You're right about The Comfort of Strangers. Everyone is getting stoned and slicing themselves with razor blades. Not my idea of a fun night in. Seen the film? Apparently Christopher Walken's in it, which seems like good casting.

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