Conversations with Countrywide

I stopped at the Countrywide office this morning a few minutes before it opened. I got out my camera and started taking pictures through the front window into the lobby.

A thirty-ish Countrywide employee on her way into the office approached hostilely.

Hostile Countrywide employee: “May I help you?”

Me: “No thanks, just taking pictures.”

Hostile Countrywide employee: “Of WHAT?”

Me: “That ‘No Cash in Office’ sign. It’s kind of funny, you know, ‘cause they’re going bankrupt.”

Hostile Countrywide employee: “It’s not going bankrupt. I work here.”

Me: “Sorry to hear that.”

In retrospect, it would have been even funnier if I’d used the line suggested by co-blogger Negocios Loucos: “I’m with CB Commercial and we’re going to be leasing this place out. Just taking a few pictures.”

That's an understatement!

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