Bubble boy cashes in

Greenspan to join New York hedge fund.

What hedge fund? Paulson. Yes, that Paulson. The Paulson that made billions of dollars betting against mortgage-backed securities as Greenspan's bubble came crashing down.

The conspiracy-minded might think Alan Greenspan is being paid off for services rendered as Fed Chairman, for creating the bubble that made all those profits possible.

I think this is more like a freakshow. Pay the bubble boy millions of dollars to hang around so your uber-rich clients can come in and laugh at him. I hope they make him wear a gimp suit.

Seriously, though, this calls into question the integrity of the whole system. It's as if Al Gore spent 8 years in the White House influencing economic and technology policy, then got tens of millions of dollars in stock options from Google. Oh, wait. He already did that.

Greenspan and Gore were already effluent. They don't need the money. The citizens of the Republic deserve better.

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