Libertarian Root Reminds Us of the True Nature of Obama's Overarching Agenda

Libertarian Party 2008 VP candidate Wayne Allen Root writes a good general reminder of what Obama's large-scale strategy is; overwhelm the system, create economic and social chaos, use the ensuing crises to bring about the "end of capitalism", destroy our capitalist system "from within". He adds some good bullet-points, and encourages the reader to see these agenda items not as individual "reforms", but to assess them together as parts of his whole agenda, and then to understand what kind of revolutionary agenda that is, to see the forest for the trees. I think it's important to never forget what Obama's true goals really are. Some bullet points;

-the Health Care bill was not so much about health care as it was about Unionizing millions of hospital and health care employees and swelling the size of the IRS by adding 20,000 new agents, who will then become new members of.....yes....Government Employee Unions like the SEIU.
-Cap and Trade is not about the Environment. It's about global redistribution.
-The idea of making Puerto Rico a state is about adding 2 more Democratic Senators and 5 more Democratic representatives, plus 1 million more reliably Democrat votes.


Anonymous said...

Really waiting for your articles to get better. They're really boring and uninteresting.

W.C. Varones said...

I don't buy it that far.

Surely Obama isn't so stupid that he thinks his socialist paradise can be funded without a private sector to tax.

I think he's just stupid enough to think (as most liberals do; see General Theory of Liberalism) that people don't respond to economic incentives and businesses will keep running at full steam no matter how badly you tax and regulate them.

Happy Super Tuesday!