Rise of the Machines

Ain't no jobs, but Intel's sales are booming. To the extent that businesses see an economic recovery coming, managers would rather invest in capital than in labor.

And why not? With improving technology, more and more human jobs can now be done by machines. And those jobs that do require a human can often be offshored (programming, call centers, manufacturing) for vast cost savings over overpriced American labor.

Expensive new mandates like ObamaCare and rising Social Security, Medicare, and unemployment taxes are only making this worse. Why on Earth would businesses add to their U.S. work force in this environment?

So let's rock out while Rome burns. I present AC/DC's Who Made Who, from the 80's movie Maximum Overdrive, based on the Stephen King story Trucks. That's King at the ATM; he made cameos in several of his movies.

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