Columbia Prof. David Epstein loves his daughter

Prominent Ivy League elitist David Epstein loves Obama, hates Sarah Palin, and writes for the Huffington Post.

His home life, however, sounds like what the NY-DC ruling class thinks of middle America. Projection?
A Columbia University political science professor and past political analyst for CBS was arrested on charges of incest. Investigators say he engaged in three year long consensual relationship with his 24-year-old daughter.


Epstein was married to Sharyn O’Halloran another lecturer at the university, but the two reportedly recently divorced.

According to sources the victim was over 18 when the relationship began in 2006 and that father and daughter often exchanged salacious text messages.

Published reports also reveal Epsten’s ex-wife O’Halloran was recently seen speaking with a private investigator.

I guess he should have adopted like Woody Allen.

Columbia's having a banner year, huh?


Unknown said...

So is the daughter also charged since she is over the age of consent?

Anonymous said...

That is so disgusting. Of course, it's his business but it should be a crime because one's daughter is emotionally vulnerable and prone to brainwashing. It's never a daughter's own volition and the court should see it that way. She didn't choose to be raised by her mentally ill father.

John Enright said...

Donald, from what I've ready today, even when both parties to incest are above the age of consent, the law tends to treat whoever is older as the criminal, and the younger person as a victim.

SarahB said...

HuffPo actually covered the story...lets see if they give him the heave ho,or justify his "condition" (he's still listed on the contributor page)

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