Schwarzenegger gives cushy $111,000 job to tax traitor Anthony Adams

So these are the wages of betraying your constituents.

Anthony Adams, who had signed a no-tax-increase pledge to get elected, betrayed his constituents and the people of California by becoming the crucial swing vote for the largest state tax increase in U.S. history.

Knowing that his constituents reviled him, he didn't bother running for re-election. But then who needs re-election when you can get a six-figure do-nothing job as reward for back-stabbing the public?

Victor Valley Daily Press:
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has tapped outgoing Assemblyman Anthony Adams to fill a post on the state Board of Parole Hearings that pays $111,845 annually.

Adams, 39, R-Hesperia, left his Assembly seat this week after surviving a bitter recall effort over his critical state budget vote that included the largest tax hike in California history, despite Adams’ pledge to oppose higher taxes.

Adams' appointment still requires Senate confirmation. Please contact your State Senator and ask him/her to vote no if you don't approve of Sacramento backroom jobs-for-votes deals.


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