Paul Ryan's excellent SOTO response

Obama's SOTU was trite, heavy on platitudes, and light on specifics.

Paul Ryan's response was perfect. I'll let Jennifer Rubin explain.

Paul Ryan is one of the very few Republicans I could enthusiastically support for President. In fact, he might be at the top of that list right now.


JJT said...

Rubin is among the worst neo-con war mongers in the media right now. You should be very worried about anybody she supports.

Mutnodjmet said...



vera said...

Too bad nothing here about Bachmann's speech. She is blatantly lying on camera with attributing horrible unemployment stats (first graph) to Obama... for 2008!

(The graph is intentionally unclearly labeled at the bottom, but if you look, it's there.)

wcv said...

Who is this Bachmann you speak of?

vera said...

You know... the grasping Michelle Bachmann who is using the Tea Party for her own self-aggrandizement.

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