California Budget Game

The LA Times has come up with a super fun interface for you the reader to decide what to cut to get rid of California's budget deficit.

The punch line is that if you leave K-12 school funding alone and cut everything else the most they allow you to cut, you still have $11,085,000,000 to go to eliminate the deficit.

Of course then they provide a section on how to "increase" revenue by allowing you to increase taxes in certain areas. In typical MSM fashion though it appears to fail to take into account that when you increase taxes, spending habits change and net revenue may not be what was predicted.


Update: the Sac Bee also provides a fun game to stop the brokest state in the union from being broker.


ProfoundSkeptic said...

Remove the huge subsidies on higher education. A UC education is a very valuable commodity so students should stop their whining and pay for it. As for most of the other items Californians have made it very clear that they want these services and so should be made to pay for them.

W.C. Varones said...

Nice to see you again, PS.

I don't think Californians have mad it clear that they want prison guards earning six figures, or state workers retiring early with high-five-figure pensions for life.

Many Californians would even quibble with welfare and free schools for illegal aliens.

Nailed it

Twitter (X) : To be fair, though, I thought they'd come up with someone more appealing than Cackles Harris.