Thieving swine

This morning we noticed a friend-of-a-friend's post on Facebook, regarding George Lucas and his hatchet job on Star Wars.

Haha! Funny friends this guy has...and his other friends pat him on the back for it. It almost reminds me of a post about George Lucas that appeared a day earlier on Tyler Durden:
Very obviously George Lucas is a complete moron who simply lucked his way into this franchise because there were talented people around him and everything good about the first two movies were someone else’s idea that he hated but the studio made him use. I’m amazed we even still have James Earl Jones on here, and that Lucas didn’t replace him with Eddie Griffin or someone like that, so Darth Vader can say things like, “where my big girls girls at?”
What a striking coincidence! It would seem that either Sean is a personal friend of the guy who runs Tyler, or he's a thief. This obviously doesn't rise to the level of a Carlos Mencia theft, but it's still pretty pathetic.

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