"Fire John Boehner. Spread the word."

... says my friend Left Coast Rebel in a long overdue rant.

We all know about how Boehner has folded to Obama and Reid at every opportunity on spending and debt.

But the latest outrage is that Boehner has just signaled support for Chuck Schumer's Citizenship Equals Slavery Act. The U.S. is already the only major country that taxes its citizens' income even when they don't live or work in the country. Schumer and Boehner want to take this even further and make citizens permanent wage slaves of the Treasury even if they want to renounce citizenship. As Simon Black says,
It’s truly extraordinary that the Land of the Free has deteriorated to the point that the government must now resort to threats, coercion, and intimidation in order to keep its most productive citizens inside.
No other Western nation treats its citizens remotely like this.

Click on over and read the whole thing.

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