Forks over Knives free on Amazon Prime

I've mentioned the documentary Forks over Knives before.  It's about the Big Ag - Government Industrial Complex, and how the USDA is controlled by factory farms and doesn't work in the interest of consumers.  The government is lying to you about the health benefits and risks of meat and dairy.  As Roger Ebert says, "A film that can save your life."

Our friend Charlie recommends it enthusiastically.
Two of the interesting points: 1) Cancer cells in many cases depend on animal protein for growth.  Shut off the animal products and you shut off the cancer. 2) Countries with high milk consumption have higher rates of osteoporosis, not lower. This is the exact opposite of what your bribe-driven government scientists have been telling you.
Please watch it here on Amazon Prime for free, or get the DVD for $14.96 , or get it on Netflix or Redbox otherwise.

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SarahB said...

Goes hand in hand with the news that all those calcium supplements are causing heart disease. There are a lot of things screwed up about our diet...but doubt I will ever give up animal flesh...especially the red kind.

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