Deadbeat Nation

The middle class now receives far more in government handouts than it pays in taxes.

This is very good news for Obama's re-election prospects. A solid majority is now on the take from the government.

The only questions now are how long the top two quintiles will keep carrying the 60% slackers, and how quickly the truly rich will flee the country like Denise Rich.

HT: T-Dub


Anonymous said...

A swing of merely 19 basis points over 33 years (from +14% in 1979 to -5% today) doesn't really seem that large.

It's only notable because it goes from positive to negative.

W.C. Varones said...

That's not 19 basis points; it's 19% (1900 basis points).

And that's a lot of money. The median household income is around $50,000.

So that's a swing from paying $7000 a year to receiving $2500 a year for the median household. That's a big deal.

cm said...

Holy mackerel that first comment is terrifying, even leaving aside the usage of terms s/he doesn't understand.

lady di said...

sigh............when 50% of Americans pay no federal taxes it's over


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