Schooling greedy old bastards on Facebook

Some dumb old geezer started mouthing off to me with a bunch of AARP talking points.

No response.

Here's the link I sent him if you're interested.


Baby Doomer said...

The typical ignorance from the Boomer crowd. 64 years old, and unable to understand or even perform simple multiplication.

BTW, you're off with the life expectancy... From the CDC, the life expectancy for someone 65 years old is currently 83 years. 84 years for women. So, if she retires at 66, she'll collect -- wait for it -- $343,440 (!!) until she hits 84. And by definition, there's a 50% chance she'll be alive after 84!

I learned this kind of math in, what, 3rd grade, tops? 64 fucking years old. And you can bet both of these doddering fossils look down upon their children's generation as "ignorant fools" who should "respect the elderly". Fuck them. Tell them they should look forward to being euthanized, as the younger crowd has zero money to care for them in their senility.

W.C. Varones said...

B.D. you should meet my friend Kenny. You have a lot in common.

Jr Deputy Accountant said...

It's a good thing no one my age actually believes SS will still exist when we're ready to start collecting.

Oops, nevermind.

Baby Doomer said...

B.D. you should meet my friend Kenny. You have a lot in common.

Oh, I think the truth is that many, many people born after 1970 or so have similar opinions about the holier-than-thou Boomers. Even if, like me, they'll only openly state as much anonymously online. Just the same, I think most Boomers are clueless about how much they're loathed... though that's par for the course, as they're clueless about everything in the 21st century.

I wasn't totally kidding about the euthanasia, either. I'm in my low 30s -- I've watched as a grandparent died bit by bit, of Alzheimer's, unable to live independently for over 11 years. My final living grandparent is now also going through death by 1000 cuts, both mental + physical, propped up by her Boomer kids who are in total denial of her age, and are spending enormous sums of money so that she can continue living at home with 24-hour care.

Rest assured, this cycle will not repeat when the Boomers are the ones at death's door. My entire generation is bankrupt. There will be no 10+ year deaths in nursing homes. It'll be, "Hey, you 80 year old POS. Can't take care of yourself anymore? Too bad. Here, this injection will only hurt for a second...."

Rant over.

W.C. Varones said...


That author should learn about AARP. That greedy, leftist lobbying group is determined to defend the unsustainable status quo for the benefit of baby boomers while screwing younger generations. They want to prevent Social Security reform and doom future generations to debt and poverty. There are alternatives like AMAC.

Prof. Diggler said...

BD, with all respect, your math is somewhat bogus, too. The age distribution is a long right-hand tail, meaning well more than 50% of the deaths happen before the average age of 83.

Otherwise we're pretty much on the same page.

W.C. Varones said...

Ouch! B.D. bitch-slapped by a porn star!

I think the IQ the 3 blog commenters here exceeds the collective IQ of the 535 members of Congress.

Baby Doomer said...

BD, with all respect, your math is somewhat bogus, too.

Yeah, I was assuming the normal distribution. :-)

Honestly, I have no idea what the actual distribution or standard deviation for life expectancy at 65 looks like.

Doo Doo Econ said...

Obamacare / ObamaTax would have some support if they were honest. They are going to ration care and simply kill off the older generation through denial of care. Its a progressive win-win: less social security costs, more money to buy votes, less older conservative voters.

I would not support it, but 20% of people would be all for it.

"It's not a trojan horse. It's right there in front you."

Remember the National Socialist mantra, "We are the convergence of nature and science. The Uber Men." Everyone not as uber were subhumans and expendable. Fashion trends repeat, and so do bad ideas.

Kenny Bing said...

Programs that use a social contract as a "glue" to hold themselves together can't withstand the levels of fraud and "me first" thinking that Social Security is subjected to. Reform it or lose it - right now, the Boomers have the political clout. However, it is not a generation known for taking a long view on things. They are generally a "what's in it for me TODAY?" type of crowd. Eventually, they won't have the clout they enjoy today and then the survivors will be at the mercy of a younger generation. I'm on the tail end of that generation - I'll probably have to suffer through some "guilt by association" bullshit but the Smug Bastard has made / continues to make some preparations for that possible outcome.

Happy Super Tuesday!