Education: we're spending plenty; we're just not getting any value for it

I just saw the most bizarre comment on Facebook linking Prop 13 (property tax limits) to California's horrible schools.

Even a cursory Google search would disabuse the mildly literate of that silly notion.

Prop 13 doesn't seem to have impacted school spending at all. According to the California Department of Education, schools spent $8323 per pupil in 2010-11, up 55% from 1998-99 spending, which is growing much faster than the rate of inflation.

And that's far more than other developed countries spend.

And that's only operating costs, not including capital costs, which drive per-pupil spending to near $30,000 in some places! For that amount, we could shut down all the crummy public schools and put all the students into top-notch private schools.

If there's a problem with our schools, it's certainly not that we are not spending enough.


Anonymous said...

Prop 13 (property tax limits)

Hey, it's yet another de-facto wealth transfer from the young to the old! Senior citizens who carp that younger folks should shut up and "move somewhere they can afford" should take their own advice. Repeal this nonsense, and many oldsters wouldn't be able to afford their own homes (which they bought with 1 year's salary in 1970)...

Kids can't vote, and younger people can't match the numbers of old people, so everyone under 40 gets screwed. As usual.

Anonymous said...

Oh...I bought mine at the beginning of this century... And I'm still not 40!! You should not be wasting time blogging anonymously and go get another, oh I'm sorry, first job and save up.... Ok, or move.

Happy Super Tuesday!