Chick Fil A situation is nuts

You know had this uproar regarding the CEO’s comments (covered here, here and here) not occurred, I can’t imagine I’d ever go to Chick Fil A. I have never had a desire to go there but on Saturday I plan on stopping by the one in Fairfield, CA on my way to camping in the Sierras. I feel I must patronize them to support the First Amendment.

Seriously anyone who thinks it’s ok for Chicago, Boston and others to imply or actually impose completely illegal restrictions to keep Chick Fil A out of the area, I have a few questions:
  1. Do you bank at BofA, Chase, Citi, Goldman, or any of the big Wall Street firms? If yes, have you checked the moral record of their CEOs? What’s worse, having a religious belief based on thousands of years of practice that generally has steered people on the path of goodness OR actively participating in the theft and destruction of peoples' hard earned wealth, and the annihilation of the middle class, for their own personal gain? 
  2. Do you know the opinions of all the CEOs of all the manufacturers and service providers that you patronize? If no then WHY NOT?!?  What you need the MSM to make an opinion for you?  If the CEO doesn't make the NYTimes then he must be good, must be a good liberal, right??? 
  3. If Chick Fil A is not actually discriminating against anyone and we’re only dealing with a religious comment, and donations, made by one of the corporation’s employees, do you actually think it is the place of government to break zoning law by somehow restricting them from opening a new store at an area they are zoning-wise allowed to locate at? What would happen if the government did the same thing against a different store say for something that you believed in? Say a CEO of Wendy's claimed to support Santa Claus and you LOVE Santa. Then the City of Chicago decides to ban Wendy's because of Santa's hurtful image to those who do not celebrate Christmas, would you have a problem with that?  Oh but that's absurd?  Oh the government would never do that because it's your government?  
I’m sure the food I’m going to buy at Chick Fil A will be terrible but I’m buying it because I believe in the foundation of this country, not the dogmatic hypocrisy of our ruling class. This might turn out to be marketing genius by the CEO.

But hey, at least this CEO wasn't arrested. Or would you people like to see that as well?

Disclaimer: I support gay marriage, I just support the First Amendment more.


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They actually make a damned good chicken sandwich. Enjoy your trip.

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Great post. Link forthcoming.

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