We are the 56% !!!

Today Rasmussen has an unusual number of 56% opinions on its front page.

56% for repealing ObamaCare. 56% against bank bailouts. 56% for border enforcement.

The opposing views got 25% - 38% on these questions.

Given that such substantial majorities are against ObamaCare, against bank bailouts, and for border enforcement, why do we keep getting the exact opposite from elected politicians?

Something's gotta give.


Anonymous said...

And if you listen to CBS, NBC and ABC, Obama has all but won the election. I just sit and tell my left wing friend, "Yes right, and Scott Walker lost Wisconsin, opps, wait, no, uhhh."

Doo Doo Econ said...

56% of Americans must be racist, sexist, envy the poor and want to throw granny and puppies off a cliff.

"LET Mebeclear"

Maybe teaching racial division and hatred wasn't such a good idea after all

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