7-11 to criminals: Please rob us!

7-11 is putting out a notice to criminals: "Please rob us! Our employees aren't allowed to stop you."

David Kopel:

In Feliciano v. 7-Eleven, a masked woman with a gun attempted to rob the 7-Eleven where Feliciano worked. While the robber was distracted by another employee, Feliciano grabbed her gun, and held her captive until the police arrived. "Following this incident, 7-Eleven terminated Feliciano, who was an at will employee, for
failure to comply with its company policy which prohibits employees from subduing or otherwise interfering with a store robbery."

The West Virginia Supreme Court ruled that employees can't be fired for defending themselves. But how stupid for 7-11 to have a public policy telling robbers they won't be stopped.

HT: Say Anything via Ace.

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