Ted Turner: real American hero

Ronald Reagan? Ha!

It was Ted Turner who ended the cold war. At least in Ted's opinion.

We have honored Ted here before, for his $1 billion... "uh, I might have to reduce that a little"... "uh, would you take a rain check on that?"... gift to the United Nations Foundation, a group whose mission is to produce propaganda

Telling the Story
In cooperation with the Foundation's sister organization, the Better World Fund, sponsoring or conducting outreach efforts aimed at educating the public about the UN's unique role in addressing global issues and forging international

to make people believe the U.N. is doing good things rather than taking bribes, protecting murderous dictators, and raping the natives. But we apparently neglected to mention his greatest achievement: ending the cold war.

In this same article, Turner complains about CNN doing too much coverage of "perverts," and that he doesn't want rapes and murders to be emphasized. I guess that means CNN should close down its U.N. desk?


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