Eminent domain debacle

The Supreme Court's eminent domain ruling is one of the most unbelievable rulings I have seen. Cities can now take your property whenever they want just because some developer wants to put up a strip mall or a strip joint that will bring the city more tax revenues.

Voting for this idiocy were Souter, Ginsburg, Stevens, Kennedy, and Breyer. It's a bit surprising that all of the liberal advocates of the poor and downtrodden voted for it. Eminent domain assaults the poor far more often than the rich, as their property is economically more attractive, and they lack the legal and financial resources to defend themselves.

This debacle goes to show why President Bush shouldn't be bullied away from putting Constitutionalist judges on the Court. President Reagan nominated Robert Bork and Douglas Ginsburg to the Court, neither of whom would have allowed this outrage. Neither were confirmed, Ginsburg because he had smoked marijuana and Bork because he understood the Constitution. They were replaced with the appalling David Souter and Anthony "European opinion trumps the Constitution" Kennedy.

I like this proposal for the city to take Souter's house and turn it into a hotel. In fact, if we have a pro-freedom majority on the city council in any of the five justices' home towns, we could actually get this thing moving forward.

UPDATE: Resources to fight eminent domain are at this site, part of the Institute for Justice.

UPDATE 2: Karol at Alarming News points us to this Ken Wheaton discussion of why liberals want to screw the little guy.

UPDATE 3: Some liberals over at the Daily Kos are on the right side of this one.

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