95% of self-selecting wingnuts agree!

Lefty blogs are getting excited about an online MSNBC poll that shows an overwhelming percentage of respondents favor impeachment.

Well, duh! You're surprised that when MSNBC designs a poll to throw red meat to left-wingers that lots of left-wing sites link to it and lots of left-wingers vote?

Online polls are asinine. I thought that was well understood. People that take them seriously are dumber than the MSNBC fools who write them.

Just for the sake of illustration, one of the most controversial issues facing us today is whether John Kerry and Howard Dean should be forcibly sodomized with a broom handle. Your opinion matters. Please vote in the poll at the right.

UPDATE 1/3/05: The polls have closed and the people have spoken! 94% in favor and 6% opposed. Forcible sodomy with a foreign object is much more popular than impeachment!

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