Confessions of a closet conservative

This is worth reading in its entirety. It describes the insular, groupthinking communities that occur in liberal enclaves, and one conservative woman's decision to keep her politics a secret.

I witness the liberal bubble phenomenon in San Francisco on a daily basis. At work, or on the street, it is common to hear unsolicited "Bush is an idiot" rants. At work, I keep my opinions to myself, but in social settings I occasionally take the bait, and respond with reason and facts. The reaction is always one of horror and disbelief. They do not debate the facts or the reasoning, but take it on faith that I must be sadly misguided. How could someone who seems so normal, so like us, actually support that evil fascist idiot dictator?

Note to blue-state Bush-haters: the next time you spontaneously bash Bush among friends, if a few of your friends don't join in the bashing, it might not be that they don't follow politics or don't care that much. It might be that they don't agree with your views, but just don't want to create hard feelings.

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