WC Varones Blog welcomes its Italian readers

I'm happy to see a comment from our Italian friends below. I don't speak Italian, but in this marvelous age of technology, we don't need to! Babelfish shows us a (rough and sloppy) translation of the commenter's blog:

To the end the governor-terminator of California has decided to soil the hands of true blood. Stanley Tookie Williams and with the same nature shown in its cruente will kill films, endured after an expensive one will be ignited sigaro and will go pranzare to some banquet of gala. That other to say, Schwarzy, following the tracks of Bush that give governor it has made to assassinate tens of prisoners, it is executing the just steps in order to succeed in to seat in top to the house white woman, to the guide of the greatest democracy of the planet. Yes, one democracy of terminator.. guerrilla radio. "I DIE PERCHE' ARE NOT WHITE MAN"

So it ain't poetry... thanks for the visit!

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