John Kerry: still a coward

This in an e-mail to yours truly from John Kerry:

I've studied Judge Alito's legal record. I met with him one-on-one. After all this, I am left with one simple conclusion: if Judge Alito becomes Supreme Court Justice Alito, he will move the Court backwards.

I will vote against Judge Alito's confirmation, and I hope a majority of Senators choose to join us on the Senate floor, voting and speaking out against him. I know we face tough odds, but this is an important fight.

What he doesn't say is that he will filibuster Alito. So here's John Kerry, saying that Alito will move the court backward and should be defeated, but he's only willing to throw out a meaningless "no" vote, and won't actually help to block the nomination by filibuster.

Coward! He's voting for Judge Alito before he votes against him!

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