State of the Union

CNN just caught Hillary Clinton shaking her head dismissively when President Bush was talking about the Patriot Act.

9:39 Bush throws down the gauntlet on immigration reform, likening anti-immigrant sentiment to protectionism or socialism. Ignores the distinction between legal and illegal immigration.

9:41 Earmark reform! Line-item veto!

9:43 Bitter Dems cheer the failure to reform Social Security. Hillary enthusiastically.

9:46 Here comes the health care proposal. MSAs, portability, and medical lawsuit reform.

9:48 Federal funding for energy independence. Funding for government research. Zero-emission coal, solar, and nuclear. Hybrid, electric, hydrogen, biofuel cars.

9:51 Federal funding for science. Make permanent R&D tax credit.

9:52 Federal funding for Advanced Placement teachers.

9:54 Abortion down, morals up. "Government has played a role."

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