Team America: World Police

I bought the Team America: World Police DVD on Amazon. It has some beautifully shot extended footage that wasn't in the theatrical release.

There are many great parts of the movie: destroying Paris while fighting terrorists, the hilarious Kim Jong-Il character, and Michael Moore as a suicide bomber. But the most impressive part of the film is its brilliant foreign policy analogy which relates world leaders to body parts. It's really funny, but also the most apt description of global politics I've seen anywhere. In short, the Axis of Evil is evil. President Bush and the Americans are brutish and cocky, but necessary to stop the Axis of Evil. The UN and Europeans hate America for its brutishness, but would be helpless to defend themselves without America.

One question I've had since seeing the movie is, what's the deal with Matt Damon always saying "Matt Damon" in a retarded voice? Is that some kind of inside Hollywood joke? I've finally found the answer here:

TREY: The way that happened was funny, too, because it wasn't in the script. What's funny is that you can only use one skull that these faces go over so many times, and you'd be like, "Oh, let's make this person." And you try to make them, and it really didn't look that much like them because you always had to deal with the same eye things that define a person's face. Sometimes, you'd get a puppet that looked close, and sometimes you just didn't. With the Matt Damon one, I remember, they brought it down, and we were supposed to shoot Matt Damon that day, and the puppeteers came down and were like, "Here's Matt Damon!" We were like "Dude! That doesn't look like Matt Damon! He looks like retarded!" So what are we going to do? Probably out of all those people, Matt Damon we've met before, and he's actually a pretty cool guy and a talented actor. So it's just because his puppet was screwed up.

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