Biased journalism done badly

One of the oldest tricks in biased journalism is to paint those with opposing views as bigots.

Wall Street Journal bimbos June Kronholz and Sarah Lueck transparently employ that tactic on the immigration issue:
But they will need dozens of votes from Republicans, who are deeply split between a business-friendly wing eager to provide employers with access to more immigrant labor and social conservatives who believe American culture is being diluted by too many foreigners.

Yeah. We're all dumb rednecks who fear foreign culture. No mention of the real issues:

1) Rewarding criminals at the expense of those who have been trying for years to get here legally. Illegals get a free pass, while honest would-be immigrants remain in a long, slow, and difficult visa bureaucracy.

2) The enormous fiscal burden of bringing a huge, low-skilled underclass onto the social services rolls. As I've said before, you thought the federal deficit was bad now? Wait until 20 million minimum wage earners hit Social Security, Medicare, schools, and the Earned Income Tax Credit.

But hey, why mention the real issues? It suits the Wall Street Journal's agenda better to portray amnesty opponents as xenophobes.

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