Rudy 1, Ron Paul 0

This is just inexcusable.

I'm a raging libertarian and a natural Ron Paul supporter, but he voted against not just Iraq but Afghanistan! If you're not going to fight back after 9/11, when will you ever defend America?

UPDATE: Rudy asked Paul to withdraw his comment. I'll withdraw my comment instead. There was only one vote against Afghanistan, that of kook Barbara Lee. I apologize to Ron Paul and his supporters for the error, and I thank TomW for the correction. Further, while what Paul said about listening to our enemies was politically inept and annoyed me last night, it's not "inexcusable." It was a display of Paul's typical candor. What Paul said about the reason our enemies hate us (because we're over there) is overly simplistic, but at least partially true. They also want to create a global Islamofascist regime and kill innocent men, women and children for Allah, but our international intervention is indeed an aggravating factor.

Worst Varones post ever.


Thomas Woods said...

Ron Paul did vote to use force in Afghanistan; this is a simple matter of public record.

Why is it "inexcusable" to make the obvious and eminently conservative point that actions have consequences? Only a moron like Giuliani could interpret Paul to mean the U.S. was to blame for the attacks. Do you accuse detectives of blaming the victim since they want to know why the killer did it?

No wonder the rest of the world thinks our country is insane. And to think so-called conservatives and libertarians buy this rah-rah propaganda!

Bill said...

Thanks for clarifying that. If he didn't vote for Afghanistan, I wouldn't vote for him. At least I'd have to think about it a lot harder.

Happy Super Tuesday!