Ron Paul vs. Helicopter Ben

From July 2007:

Ron Paul: It just looks like we may well come to a '79-'80. Do you anticipate that there's a possibility that we will face a crisis of the dollar such as we had in '79 and '80?

Ben Bernanke: The Federal Reserve is committed to maintaining low and stable inflation and I'm very confident we will be able to do that.

Advantage: Paul.

Thanks to Loucos for the tip.

UPDATE: Ron Paul from yesterday's hearing:
“I want to follow up on the discussion about moral hazard. I think we have a very narrow understanding about what moral hazard really is. Because I think moral hazard begins at the very moment that we create artificially low interest rates which we constantly do. And this is the reason people make mistakes. It isn’t because human nature causes us to make all these mistakes, but there is a normal reaction when interest rates are low that there will be overinvestment and malinvestment, excessive debt, and then there are consequences from this. My question is going to be around the subject of how can it ever be morally justifiable to deliberately depreciate the value of our currency?”

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