Czar or Tsar? - that's my first question

Apparently the bobbleheads in Washington are talking about creating a new Mortgage “CZAR” which is just what we need. I’m always in favor for more government especially when it means spending my tax dollars to help those who can’t read but get $500,000 loans when their income is $50,000 gross a year. Anyway......

My question is why the term CZAR? The last czar of Russia (Russia being the only country that I am aware of who uses that term), Nicky 2, was a complete failure. There was nothing good about him and his most telling accomplishment/mistake was fostering a society that could let Communism seem like a really good idea.

SO we name all of our important enforcer positions czar. Does that seem a little strange? Why not kaiser, or how about fuhrer or maybe kahn. Why can’t we have a Drug Kahn and Mortgage Kaiser?

And while we are at it, wasn't it Nicholas II who nearly bankrupted Russia completing the most awesome of public works projects of the time, the Trans Siberian Railway? Do we really want to have the leaders of our always effective government enforcer departments be titled something related to that? I supposed the answer in the United States is a resounding YES. It makes complete sense.

Yahoo Czar Article

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