Greenspan's Body Count

Sometimes we're a little flippant about Greenspan's victims. Many of them don't inspire much sympathy. But we should remember that Greenspan has set in place a chain of events that causes truly horrible things to befall truly innocent victims, too.

In today's episode of Greenspan's Body Count, we learn about the Veillette family, where father Michel Veillette killed himself in jail while facing the death penalty in the murder of his wife and four children:
The investigation records do not identify a possible motive for the killings but shed light on financial troubles that investigators said the family faced. [...]

Veillette also told police that his wife had recently spent $10,000 to take their daughter Marguerite to California for modeling and that she had purchased a new car he said they couldn't afford.
Blowing $10,000 you don't have on modeling lessons for your kid... not exactly something people did under Volcker's Fed, is it?
They had not made their mortgage payments for two months, according to the records.
Doesn't sound like a 30-year fixed at 3x debt-to-income, huh?
Veillette said that if he ever were released from jail, he would have to declare bankruptcy.

"I got nothing. I had everything a year ago, went down so, so quick," Veillette said, according to one report.

May God have mercy on Greenspan's soul.

Greenspan's Body Count now stands at seventeen:

Michel Veillette
Nadya Ferrari-Veillette
Marguerite Veillette
Vincent Veillette
Mia Veillette
Jacob Veillette
Maurice Pereira
Natasha Pereira
Mark Achilli
Raed Al-Farah
Andrew Kissel
Rufus Shaw Jr.
Lynn Flint Shaw
Mr. Pierce
Walter Buczynksi
Marci Buczynski
Jason Washington

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