Greenspan's Body Count: Kristy Hunt, MBS pusher

Two Body Count updates in one day! Serial killer Alan Greenspan certainly has been busy.

Kristy Hunt was a "secondary market manager" in the mortgage division of Missouri's Community Bank and Trust. Presumably, that means she packaged and sold mortgage securities to dupes (here's a job description for the same title at another bank).

Well, she resigned from the bank and then offed herself a few days later. Maybe she felt remorse over the toxic waste she sold her customers, or maybe she just hit hard times when the commissions and bonuses from the mortgage bubble stopped coming in. Either way, it's another notch on the belt for Greenspan's Body Count.
An autopsy of Joplin banker Kristy Hunt has revealed she died of self-inflicted wounds, the Joplin Police Department said Thursday.

Hunt, 49, reportedly worked as secondary market manager for Community Bank & Trust's mortgage department at the bank's 414 E. 32nd St. location in Joplin, before resigning late last week.

According to police, Hunt's adult children found her after 3 p.m. Tuesday, lying unconscious on the floor of her home on South Michigan Avenue. Hunt died a few hours later at St. John's Regional Medical Center in Joplin. Joplin police initially investigated the case as a suspicious death and requested assistance from the Tri-State Major Case Squad.

Hunt's body was sent to the Boone County medical examiner, who determined that Hunt's wounds were self-inflicted, police said. Police say that Hunt inflicted several wounds to her body with a small kitchen knife found beside her on the floor.

"Based on the results of the autopsy and the Tri-State Major Case Squad (investigation), the Jasper County coroner is going to rule the death a suicide," said Joplin Police Cpl. Chuck Neiss.

Greenspan's Body Count now stands at sixty-eight:

Kristy Hunt
Joseph Nesheiwat
Tom Brisch
Alex Widmer
Brian Pugh
Marilyn Lewis
Sid Agrawal
Kirk Stephenson
Barry Fox
Dallas Dwayne Carter
David Hetzel
Sharron Hetzel
Cliff Kendall
Pamela Ross
Roland Gore
Mrs. Gore
Wanda Dunn
Karthik Rajaram
Subasri Rajaram
Krishna Rajaram
Ganesha Rajaram
Arjuna Rajaram
Indra Ramasesham
Joe X
Isabelle Jarka
Robert Wagner
Lt. Michael Howe
John Roberts
Palmer C. White
Dianne Pittman White
Ed Boesen
Edwin F. Rachleff
Carlene Balderrama
Troy VanderStelt
Scott M. Coles
Dawn E. Armstrong
Thomas Lizotte
Jonathon Calvin "40-Cal" Jacques
Salvador X
Lupe X
Jade X
Little Boy X
Little Girl X
Kashmir Billon
Bill McMurtry

Lisa McMurtry
James Hahn
Raymond Donaca
Deanna Donaca
Michel Veillette
Nadya Ferrari-Veillette
Marguerite Veillette
Vincent Veillette
Mia Veillette
Jacob Veillette
Maurice Pereira
Natasha Pereira
Mark Achilli
Raed Al-Farah
Andrew Kissel
Rufus Shaw Jr.
Lynn Flint Shaw
Mr. Pierce
Walter Buczynksi
Marci Buczynski
Jason Washington

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