I left my heart in San Francisco

I flew to cracktown Oakland Friday afternoon because all the flights into Frisco were delayed. I took BART into SF. You see, they have this thing called "public transportation" in the Bay Area. It's fast, efficient, and cheap. You people in Southern California should try it some time. The only downside is that there are poor people on public transportation. If we could just keep the poor people off of public transportation, that would be perfect.

Arriving at the Powell Street station, I was greeted by eight or so people wearing Guy Fawkes ("V") masks and Santa hats. They were from the underground group Anonymous, passing out literature against the Scientology cult.

As I walked up Nob Hill among the bustling crowd of Christmas shoppers, tourists, and office workers heading home, I passed a young man holding a sign that said "Banker. Need bailout. Please give me $700 billion." He didn't appear to be homeless or a beggar, just someone who wanted to make a point and/or amuse people. It worked.

And the politics of San Francisco? I greatly prefer the open, confrontational radicalism of San Francisco to the creeping socialism of President Bush and Governor Schwarzenegger.

I love this city. I might pick up a house or two here after the collapse.

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