LA Times Agrees with Varones: Prop 1A is a Fraud

Well, not all of the nitwits at the LA Times. The editors and columnists are still largely idiots. But columnist Michael Hiltzik sees it, and tells it, as it is: "California budget fixes on May 19 ballot are mostly shams and frauds."

The Times seems to be having a little turf war. Grumpy old leftist George Skelton covers Sacramento, and has been churning out regular columns of drivel supporting taxes, unions, politicians, and Prop 1A. Now comes Hiltzik from the Business section to open a can of truth-flavored whoopass on Skelton.

In related news, California's Capitol says Uh-oh. April tax receipts are coming in way short of the revised revised revised budget. I guess Schwarzenegger needs to jack up tax rates some more, eh? Any taxpayer who still has a job and hasn't fled the state is one who has more to give!

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