Penalize the Savers!

Liberal Week, Day 1 - "You like Apples? How'bout them apples?"
Sub-title: Can we set up camps for these traitors?

I was raised with the idea that one earns money, puts that money into the bank, earns a little interest and when one wants to buy something, or needs money for something unexpected, one can access one's original money plus some percentage gain.

How wrong this Californian, Bostonian, Illinois hick was. I wasn't given the opportunity to go to Harvard (WC cynically would say 'lucky you', that fascist prick) and I've obviously missed the perfection education provides with regards to how a real economic system should work.

Professor N. Gregory Mankiw has the answer to all of our economic troubles. Penalize those who save. If you want to save money in a bank, than by-gum you should pay the bank to hold that money for you!

I TOTALLY AGREE! A world of savers is a world of enemies of the state. We call these enemies capitalists. See spending is good. Spending beyond ones means is necessary. The goal of a good citizen and party member (the singular party of Dems and Reps) is to buy that plasma screen TV one can't afford, on credit; to buy that Nintendo WII, on credit; and to buy that Hummer (the vehicle, not the physical act of pleasure of Satan) on credit.

Those that save are enemies. Those that provide tangible cash assets to banks only erode the economic system that was brilliantly created by experts like Prof. Mankiw and CEO of the Princeton Economics Department, Ben Bernanke.

A successful government should penalize those who save. Our champions, our citizen heroes, are those who spend on things that really are only necessary in a country of such greatness as ours. Those that believe that the double negative means a negative.

Please avoid the conservative clap-trap. Success of a government depends on the spending of its citizens on the products of foreign countries. If you don't have money, get credit. And if you save, may god have mercy on your soul.

Good night, and to those conservative savers, good luck, we're watching you....

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