Charles M. Blows

The New York Times has a new deranged leftist columnist with the delightfully appropriate name Charles M. Blow.

Blow's delusional rant today is how Obama's miserable approval ratings are all the Republicans' fault:

[...] Republican lawmakers latched on to the word “no” like temperamental 2-year-olds. Their strategy: dictate by stalemate. It worked.

Oh, yeah. Remember how those dictators blocked Obama's $800 billion porkulus package? Remember how they stopped the continuing bailout of AIG? Remember how they blocked the bailout of Government Motors? Remember how they blocked Timmy the Tax Cheat's indefinite unlimited bailout of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? Remember how they stopped Obama's signature program, the nationalization of the health care industry, dead in its tracks?

Who's the dictator here? Republicans have refused to go along with Obama's overwhelmingly unpopular, un-Constitutional agenda, but they haven't had the votes to be more than a minor irritant as Obama steamrolls the public.

The Blow-job continues to mis-characterize Republicans as social conservatives when in fact the party's focus has long since swung to fiscal issues. Worse, Blow then describes the Tea Party movement as pushing the Republicans further "right" (presumably still regarding social issues) rather than as being a voice of fiscal sanity in the ObamaNation madness.

The New York Times' new columnist is an embarrassment even by the New York Times' embarrassing standards.

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