Economic Recovery?

Today I had a peculiar experience; I was searching for a specific shirt and went to a vendor in town that isn't a chain. He didn't have it but had one that's close. I purchased it for $30. I then went to another store a couple of towns over that also wasn't a chain and they did have the exact shirt I was looking for. I purchased that. I then went back to the original store and tried the return the first shirt.

The guys reaction was so apprehensive and he said 'I'll tell you what, how about I put $10 back on the card you used and you keep the shirt.' Now it wasn't savings that struck me it was his vibe. This was the owner of the store and it felt like my return was going to put him under. To beg to put $10 back on the card to still keep the sale was a first for me.

I did keep the shirt for $10 cheaper.


lady di said...

This does not at all surprise me. Some in my industry are bidding jobs under cost just to stay in business. This is true and we are not in a recovery.

Anonymous said...

Hell, you could probably barter with rubbers instead of cash too. All kinds of mysterious things await you in a fallen country.

Happy Super Tuesday!