Coburn vs. Kagan on Commerce Clause

Elena Kagan can't bring herself to say the government doesn't have the right to dictate what we eat. Not only does she refuse to answer, but her babbling non-answer doesn't portray an intelligent mind.

Thank you, Senator Tom Coburn, for raising the issue of the abuse of the Commerce Clause, the most popular excuse for civil liberties violations from the left.

In other Elena Kagan greatest hits, she again sounds like a moron defending the Constitutionality of book-banning.


Negocios Loucos said...

I often argue with Sic Ibid that there is only one party. The reason is that once the other party gets it power it never undoes what the previous party did so wrong. One, of many, cases in point is Obama bailing out far more than GW even dreamed of bailing out.

I believe that there is only one party and their job is to play off each other to steal as much as possible from the productive citizens. The financial "reform" bill is the most blatent example of this. Chris Dodd was told by his mafia handlers that he wasn't going to be part of the next election which gave him free rain to further destroy the constitution and make sure his pimps got rich.

But in this case, Be John Galt has a great point about the RINO's. This woman is a lunatic with regards to her understanding of constitutional law. Yet member's of the Republican party are going to support her nomination? Why? Because they know that in the long run they will profit.

People, there is only 1 party and their goal is the destruction of the United States. Our only hope is this wonderful Tea Party movement but I give it little hope. I'm still happy to be attacked by old c@nt's at our rally's but I believe we are headed for the disintegration of Union.

Please don't believe in either party because they have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are only interested in their personal gain and if that means the destruction of the country then so be it.

Independent Accountant said...

Aren't you impressed? Kagan, like Obama, has two Ivy League degrees. So? I think she is an overschooled fool.


Negocios Loucos said...

IA, I have young children and it will be my mission that they not go to Ivy league schools, despite my father's degree from Yale. Mine was from a Big 10/11/12/..we don't yet know how to count in the Midwest, school.

I remember my Econ 101 prof lecturing over 1500 students and making his signature sound while he explained that deficits don't matter. I remember thinking 'this is totally fucked!' and I eventually joined the Urban Planning program where reality is what needs to be handled, not BDAG theory. Urban Planning is where the rubber hits the road and our goverment's rubber is made of vasoline.

Regardless, academia seems to slurpy the mind. And the more prestige the institution, the more slurpy it appears the result. If I EVER get a resume from Princeton again, the only reason I'll invite that Borg in for an interview is to query how brainwashed they actually are. Than I'll say thanks 'we'll let you know'. The Ivy League is part of the problem not the solution.

Mutnodjmet said...

I can only note that Kagan is making Harriet Miers look like a constitutional scholar on the order of Mark Levin.

Sic Ibid said...

For the record, I do not fully disagree with NL about the 2 parties. I just see it a little differently than the 2 parties being actually "the same" party. I think there is certainly frequent and massive collusion between the two parties. I believe they both want expansion of government power, but for (sometimes slightly) different reasons, based on their own, (sometimes slightly) different self-interests. And I believe they are both easily bought, of course. And often the reasons and self-interests are not different at all, hence the massive collusion.

I always ask my fellow conservative friends whenever they express hope of overturning what Obama is ramming down our throats, "when has the Federal government cut a program? When Republicans have been the majority, when have they Cut an entitlement? Cut spending significantly? Rolled-back any one of the many incremental increases in the government's power they'd given themselves when the more liberal (Democrat) party was in power?

The examples are few and far-between. There are some, but they are drops in the bucket, and the positive benefits of those examples have been quickly overwhelmed by the many examples of new expansions of government power that just keep coming.

But either way, this nation has a serious cancer it needs to somehow get rid of. Expansion of government has long ago reached its logical limit. It can literally go no further without us actually "transforming", as Obama would put it, into some entirely different form of government than what the Constitution gave us.

The Two parties DO often operate as one. And I would not be surprised to one day find out that NL was 100% correct in thinking they are actually the same entity, and are just putting on some show for us as they regularly circulate power amongst each other. The best evidence for this is in the Financial sector, for sure. We all know Goldman, for instance, doesn't just donate to one party! Big Financial companies generally buy representatives in both parties.

But at this moment, politically, I think we are in an actual state of emergency. This group of radicalized Democrats is systematically destroying our nation. I have almost zero confidence in the Republican Party to take any substantive and helpful corrective action if they were to get the majority back, but at this point, anything at all is better than these radicalized socialist Democrats. If the GOP were to actually take even some tiny steps towards actual, true conservatism, then we might have a chance at slowing down this seemingly unstoppable Socialism-imposing steamroller at the White House.

But the GOP seems to not even be willing to Filibuster this radical judge Kagan, so I have no faith that the GOP, as currently represented in Congress, would be willing or able to take us in a positive direction if they were to regain the majority. And it all looks like one big, happy club right now in D.C.

Sic Ibid said...
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Sic Ibid said...
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Happy Super Tuesday!