Steve Wynn goes off again about how Obama is destroying the economy

On his 3rd quarter earnings call, courtesy ZeroHedge [bad transcription corrected by WCV]:
What you do have on Wall Street is a reflection of the anxiety, insecurity and the fear that is endemic in the United States of America about the way government has gotten into the business of managing everyone's life and the ability of the government to manage the economy intelligently, by increasing these deficits, and government spending irrationally to the point of threatening everybody's financial security. I am watching my employees' standard of living drop like a rock because of deficits. I think that the American public is beginning to make the connection between deficits and their own loss of living standard.

People that work for me are being paid in 80-cent dollars on the way to 70-cent dollars, and even though I have given two cost of living increases to my employees, in spite of operating losses in America, because I've been able to use some money from Macau. I have not been able to keep up with the effect of deficits on the living standard of my employees. The net result of all of this is frustration, anxiety, and anger.

Click on over and listen to the whole rant, starting at minute 45 in the embedded audio.

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SarahB said...

Love, love, love him.

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